The Firm has also provided services to clients within the United States of America mainly related to mega cases such as Delta Airlines Inc., Northwest Airlines Corp., Sears Holding Corporation, and Endo International PLC, among others. We have also assisted clients related to “foreign proceedings” within the USA under Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code.


C. Conde & Assoc.’s services for “creditors” include:

  • Mechanisms to protect the creditor’s right to collect its complete claim
  • Strategies to follow during restructuration process to supervise the performance of debtor’s obligations in the benefit of creditors
  • Considerations prior to establishing collection action to preserve higher rank claims
  • Mechanisms available under state or federal law to collect unpaid debts
  • Mechanisms available under federal bankruptcy law to protect your claim when client or debtor is insolvent
  • Represent creditors to commenced involuntary bankruptcy proceedings
  • Protect clients from preferential claims or any avoidance action filed by Debtor, a Chapter 7 Trustee or its representative
  • Assist clients in reclamation claims against the bankruptcy estate
  • Strategies creditor must follow providing credit to debtor in bankruptcy procedure to protect post-petition credit
  • Action to protect the rights of the seller of goods prior to the bankruptcy petition and obtain payment or return of goods,  through reclamation of goods’  actions

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