Since the creation of C. Conde & Assoc., in 1996, our Firm has stood out for our commitment to our clients and dedication to what we do. Our reputation has grown since then to be known as one of the best Law Firms in Puerto Rico and Latin America.


C. Conde & Assoc.’s services to “Debtors” include:

  • Strategies to achieve the rehabilitation of business (turnaround).
  • Negotiations with creditors at an equal basis level.
  • Alternatives available of reorganizing business inside, and outside Bankruptcy Court.
  • Guides to choose the appropriate reorganization mechanism.
  • Guidance to debtors at the time of deciding whether to rehabilitating or liquidating their business.
  • Mechanisms available under state and federal law to reorganize business.
  • Strategies to achieve reorganization
  • Financing alternatives

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